Thursday, May 26, 2011

Digesting Meat

So I discoverd a random fun fact today while laying around watching a documentary with lil Winston. (He loves to cuddle up on the couch and watch TV!)

The intestine of a Herbivore (animal) or human is said to be 10-12 times the length of their body (some say just the trunk), whereas the intestine  of a carnivore (animal) is only about 3 times the length of their bodies. A carnivore's intestine can be decribed as more of a "pipe" that is smooth on the inside and designed to get that meat in and out before it has a chance to start to putrify. So with our intestine being sooooo much longer and not being smooth on the inside...does that mean that my cheeseburger from 3 days ago is still partying in my transverse colon??

Interesting. Though I am not a vegetarian, it makes me wonder, were we designed to consume meat? I am open to thoughts on this. I don't know that I will give up my bacon anytime soon. ;)

Here is the website that has a very interesting comparision on herbivore digestion (including humans) versus carnivore. This isn't the only place I have got this info from, but it sums it up pretty well.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Here we go again!!

So I am at it again. :) It is time for the Healthy Eating Challenge: Finals Week Edition!
Once again, the tentants of the faith are:
*More fruit&Vegetables
*Lean meats
*make them grains WHOLE
*eat as little processed foods as possible
*Less Coffee, soda, and alcohol
*Do something fun/active every day

Here is what I picked up at walmart today. Lots of yummy fruits&Vegs. Beans. Lowfat dairy. I felt so good when I looked down and saw all these good choices in my buggy. I also am borrowing a juicer and am going to be making some carrot-apple cocktails. The apple juice is 100% juice with no sugar added. Just apple juice,water, and vitamin C. It tastes pretty good. It can be as sweet as you want, just add more apple than carrot juice.

So I am recording these Healthy eating sprees online now as well as or maybe instead of Facebook. This blog site allows me to look at all the food blogs that I follow at once. ((great fun!)) I won't be blogging all month long. I am not ready for that kind of committment, but I will use the blog as a tool to  chronicle my healthy eating challenges.
*Hope someone reads this and enjoys it as much as I do!!*