Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reasons to stay healthy...

Many people would rather "live for now" instead of worrying about investing in their future health. For many of us it is hard to imagine being "old." For some of us is it because we are young, and that seems like so many years from now. For others of us, it is just scary to imagine being slow, sick, or couped up. Many of us have negative associations with aging. However, we should know that we control our own health in aging.

I would like to introduce you to a few lovely ladies who make me daydream about getting old. I just know that I will be a sassy lady like them in 50 years. See ya there?

This is Rita Marcus:
She is an 80-something blogger and grandmother. You should check out her darling blog very old grandmother.

Meet Miyano Haraki:
Isn't she just elegant? She is an 80 year old designer. She designs hats. Charming!!!!

Meet Ilona Royce Smithkin:

She is a 91 year old artist and performer. She is too precious. She loves color, makes her own false eyelashes, and is quite a fire cracker!! She has the most refreshing viewpoint on aging!! You must watch this video just to hear her amazing accent.


How do they do it? How can one be 80, but seem to have the body and mind of someone in there 60's? Here is some insight...

"European Symposium on Healthy Ageing:Diet and Physical Activity Promote Fitness and Well-Being also in the Elderly
P. Haber- Medical University of Vienna, Clinic for Internal Medicine II, Vienna, Austria

The biological age, in contrast to the chronological age, can be defined by the status of eight selected biomarkers of aging:

1.daily energy expenditure; physical activity

2.maximal aerobic capacity, endurance
3.muscle mass; strength

4.proportion of body fat

5.bone density

6.insulin sensitivity

7.relation of LDL to HDL-Cholesterol

8.blood pressure

Based on the assessment of these eight biomarkers, a person may be regarded as biologically “old” no matter how old he/she is chronologically."

Basically, you can keep your body and mind young and healthy if you want to. Take ownership of what is yours. All of the 8 factors mentioned above are things that WE can control/effect through diet and exercise.

You can find more of these amazing ladies and their gentlemen friends at the blog ADVANCED STYLE.
Stay active. Eat more plants. Age Gracefully. Be fabulous.

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