Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vitamin Sunshine

We are finally starting to enjoy some Spring sunshine!!
That means it it time to get our vitamin D on!

We know that Vitamin D works with Calcium and Phosphorus to help build bone mineral density. So it is key in preventing osteoporosis and establishing/maintaining bone health.

Bones are growing and establishing density until about the age of 30. This is the time to really focus on building strong bones with nutrition and exercise.

AFTER 30, the decline in bone density begins gradually and picks up speed as age increases. The important thing in this phase is to maintain your current bone health. Your bones are "remodeling", but they are not building like they once were. Maintaining healthy bones can be achieved through exercise and proper nutrition in regards to calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D.


The most common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in adults include:

Pains and aches
● Weakness
● Osteomalacia
● Bone pains (in the hips, ribs, feet, pelvis and tights)

 You can eat your vitamin D from:
-soy milk
-orange juice

You can also synthesize your vitamin D from sunlight. ((Aren't you clever?!))
They body uses UV light from the sun which acts with cholesterol and transforms it into your own personalized brand of Vitamin D.

 HOWEVER: This takes minutes a day, not hours! I can get my daily vitamin D walking to classes on a sunny day. If you are out in the sun long enough to burn you are causing a great amount of cellular harm to your skin and negating any benefit you would have gained from a little extra vitamin D.


  1. Great post! I would like to add that another great source of Vitamin D is Cod Liver Oil.

  2. I think it is one of the highest sources of vitamin D as far as supplements go. But I always burp up a fishy taste. (ewww) TMI?