Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lucky #13 and how biochemistry ruins lives...

YAY! I got my thirteenth follower. Thank you, bekthebest.yeah.

Not much going on in my life except for SUMMER SCHOOL. I am taking Organic&BioChemistry and Sports Nutrition. Basically, organic chemistry is kicking my butt! I study for hours and hours and it still makes no sense! boo.

But this weekend I did get to take a break from school and go to the lake! It was only my second time to go to the lake this summer. (Where are my priorities?) I wake-boarded a bit with Ryan. He is actually really good at it. This is him on wake-surfing.

I will update soon with an actual interesting post regarding food. But I don't have anything for you right now except for carbon chains, alcohols, ether, and methyl groups. Yuck...lets end on a positive note. Here is the beautiful water from this weekend.

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