Monday, July 11, 2011

something from nothing: the evolution of a yummy mess

I arrived back at my place today after a very long stretch of being gone. It was so nice to be home. The only problem with coming home is that coming home makes the house a mess (all the dirty laundry and stuff to unpack) AND there are no groceries! {Cause fresh food won't keep for 2 weeks!}

So out of seemingly nothing, I made a pretty good meal.

I know it just looks like a hot mess of food...but that is what it was. But look at all that lovely color! And believe it or not,  it tasted great.

Here's what it is all about:
-half can of red beans leftover from another recipe
-full can of black beans from sweet little mom who thinks there is never
enough to eat at my house...maybe she's right...
-one can of Rotel
-2 handfuls of grape tomatoes that were getting a little too squishy
-a few pieces of spinach out of an old salad salad
-Some brown rice
-dash of lemon juice
-2 tbsp of powdered ranch and enchilada seasoning (I would have preferred taco, but I didn't have it.)

Warm it up, and there you have it. A very yummy, very filling, very healthy MESS.
I have had some big family eating events in the last week.
*4th of July with my fam
*4th of July with Ryan's fam
*Sister's engagement dinner
*2 different family birthday dinners for Ry's birthday
This all means one thing. Animal protein! :)
But the good news is that meat and dairy in fact do not kill people and they taste pretty good. So I had a little here and there. I did miss the excessive veggie celebration I normally revel in...but the people who knew I was a plant eater included a few veggie options. {{Thanks you sweet hearts!}} And at the locations where my alternative eating was not yet known, I brought my own.

Here's some easy snackage that is good at a family get together:
The classic veggie tray. always nice.

 Pass the salt please. I even had some brave relatives try a few.
I have yet to figure out whether they were just being polite. hmmm.

McDonald's Asian Salad.
Gotta give the clown credit on this one.
 I just bought the ingredients at Kroger's (except for chicken)
 and it made a beautiful salad.
 Be sure to use Newman's own Asian slow-fat sesame ginger dressing.

In closing: happy birthday to my sweet lil man Ryan. He is a big boy now.
I am dating someone in their 30's!!!!!!

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