Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Get ready. I got a lot of pics for this one. ^_^ p.s. I found my camera that my sweet little Jordan got me. As soon as I can find a USB cord for it, we will have some better quality pics.

Firstly, last night I got to go on an amazing date with my Ryan. I had SO much fun...also I had so much sake. Are the two related? I will let you determine. I had a wonderful plant based meal with a few non-vegan exceptions. like this one:
P.F. Chang's Chicken Noodle soup. This is one order! Me and Ryan shared it as an appetizer. I picked out the few bits of chicken and put them in his bowl. It kinda had a flavor like hot-n-sour soup. Yum.

I ordered a "vegetarian" dish. Buddha's Feast. The flavor was amazing! It was not a compromise to eat it! And I had a side of spicy green beans which were also epic!
We polished it off with some cake with a berry syrup. I know it probably has eggs in it. But since I haven't set my food boundry lines yet, I figured what the hey!
The cake was good, but after those rockin' veggies, its just had no chance of amazing me.

*I seriously recommend P.F. Chang's for plant eaters. What I had was mind-blowingly delicious & the veggie options are half as expensive as the meat portions so you can order alot! (or sake.) And you will have great leftovers for the next day.
And my sweetie got me flowers. ((blush))

So I decided I need to get back in the swing of working out now that I am settled in. >>I have spent the last week reading nutrition books, laying out by the pool, cooking great, new recipes, and watching Hulu.<< So I decided to take a jog around my beautiful neighborhood to get acquainted.
The mistake I made was bringing winston. He was so scared of traffic. (poor muffin) And I ended up just literally dragging him. It was a nice little 14.8 pounds of resistance. I finally decided to give him a break and try later by myself. we accomplished the grand distance of 1.1 miles. lol
When we got back into our complex, I took his leash off so he could just walk behind me.
"can you believe this bull?"
So instead of prancing behind me like normal, he wouldn't bend his legs! He was just ever so slowly placing one stiff leg in front of the other. Needless to say, we didn't cover much ground fast. But his protest did add some extra time outside. Oh dear.

I am working on a post with a new recipe, I promise. I am cooking it up now. I just didn't want to give ya'll too long of a post. Coming up next is a salad dressing recipe and some fun stuff you can do with it. xoxo

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