Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm back!!

I moved into my new apartment this last weekend. (yay!) And I just got my internet installed. (finally!) As you can see, Winston approves of his new home. (I know, why does every post have to include a picture of the dog!?)
Mostly, I have been unpacking and settling in these last several days. But I have still found a bit of time to continue my research on healthy eating and lifestyle. Here is my newest book. My 3rd one in a row on my quest for knowledge. (on top of Internet research and TV documentary)
I am really digging this book. It is about nutrition research done showing a DIRECT correlation between diet and disease. It is very fact based and backed up by many scientist and sources. I really enjoy that the author explains the parameters of the study, shows how it was properly conducted and approved (cause I am always suspicious if they adjust the findings to support their pre-conceived ideas), and states the results.  I am not so much interested in someones opinion on healthy eating, I want research and fact. Nutrition/disease is what I hope to study one day when I graduate, so I am in heaven with this book.
Also, these last couple of days I have been eating. lol I have been in the mood to cook and have been trying out some new recipes that are exclusively plant based. Cooking is not my strong point, but I do enjoy it. And if I am gonna kick out some unhealthy foods, I need to replace them with equally delicious meals.  Here is some of my grub from the last couple days:
*My first attempt at homemade oatmeal. includes peaches, almond milk, and honey.
*Salsa Burger! Boca burger (which is surprisingly flavorful), salsa, spinach, avocado, and bell peppers

*mushroom gravy with spinach, red peppers, and fresh garlic over farm grown mashed red potatoes
*Veggie pizza! I didn't make this. I got it at Old Chicago. I ordered a large so I would have a lot of leftovers. It has red peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, artichoke hearts, spinach, and broccoli. ...with no cheese. {{Stay Calm}} Yes, I said no cheese. I know, I had the same question, "Is it even a pizza?!" This was my first no-cheese pizza and it was surprisingly good. When there is a variety of fresh vegetables, good crust and sauce it makes for a very flavorful pizza. You don't even notice the lack of cheese, really. And I am saying that as an avid cheese worshiper!!
Thoughts are welcome. ^_^ Love to all!

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