Friday, June 10, 2011

welcome to the salad cult

Today has been super! I applied for a job as a clinical dietetic assistant at Conway Regional. I am a bit nervous about that because I am not sure if I can make all A's, hold office in 3 out of 4 clubs and work all weekend long. But it is in God's hands. When am I ever gonna see poor little Ryan once school starts?

Also, I finished settling in to my apartment. There are still some empty boxes I need to find a place for and a few loose ends, BUT overall everything has found it's place, so I am gonna say that I am settled. I might post some pics of the place later.

Then to make matters best! My sister came to visit and study. ((girl after my own heart.)) She brought some salad stuff and I had a few fresh veggies. We through them all together and made the best salads. See for yourself. Mine: you can't even see all the good stuff cause it is covered in chickpeas and walnuts!
Hers: topped with crispy perfect baked kale chips!
They hit the spot perfectly!!
My sister has been so sweet and supportive about my crazy new eating habits and unorthodox research on a plant based, whole food diet. Thank goodness for the certain people who have been gentle with me during this process. Some days I feel like my considering not eating meat is like telling people I am considering joining a cult. (Chuckle) They don't like it. But I try to be understanding and not give any details that people don't request.
Until next time!

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